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Matt Green, Pastor

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Matt was born and raised in West Virginia, USA. In early-2004, he gave his life to Christ. Later that year, Matt began his formal education and training to become a preacher. It was there in Bible college that Matt met Amanda. Not long after, they were married. God has since given them two sons, Parker and Hudson.

In November 2012, the Greens moved to Stoke-on-Trent, where Matt served as Assistant Pastor at Milton Baptist Church for three years. In March 2016, Matt became one of the Pastors at our church.


He is also a regular tutor at the Theological College of North Staffordshire (in Milton, Stoke-on-Trent) and Baptist Bible College (in Telford), where he trains young men for Christian ministry.

Matt has a heart for preaching, teaching, evangelism, discipleship, music and Gospel community.

Alan Campbell, Pastor

Alan Campbell.jpg

Alan is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He trusted in Christ as Saviour in 2007 just before he was 18. In 2009 he travelled to Sunderland to train for ministry. There he met Victoria, and they were married in 2020.

Alan was the Associate Pastor of Bethesda Free Church, Sunderland until 2019. He was then Associate Pastor at Union Chapel, Bath. He moved, with Victoria, to Stoke on Trent to Co-Pastor at our church, along side Matt, in the summer of 2022.

Alan is also a guest lecturer at North Cotes College (New Tribes Mission/Ethnos 360) which trains believers how to bring the gospel into cross-cultural and tribal contexts.

Alan travels to churches, colleges and conferences to teach how to share the gospel in a post-Christian context and loves to preach on how the gospel impacts every area of life.

Mike Sproston, Deacon

Mick Sproston.jpg

Mike has lived and worked locally all his life. He tells his own story:

"My parents were Christians and went to church regularly. As a teenager I decided that religion was not for me. I could do better on my own without God! I had plenty of mates. I went out to the pubs and clubs, and there were always lots of girls around. But I never felt satisfied. When I was home alone, I felt an emptiness and disappointment.


I had a good career, a lovely family, a nice home, and everything you could reasonably wish for. But there were still many unanswered questions.

I started to go along on a Sunday to church. All week I would do what I wanted, and on Sunday go to church. I dressed the part, but inside I wasn't happy.


One day I told God that I was really sorry for all the wrong things I’d been involved in and if He would forgive me I would dedicate my life to Him.


An incredible change took place! It was as if all the confusion was taken away. I had a great sense of well being, and I had been given a new start. Despite plenty of life’s common difficulties coming my way, God has never been more than a prayer away.

Bryan Barnes, Deacon

Bry Barnes.jpg

Bryan lives and works in Fenton. This is his story in his own words:


"My parents were not church goers, though they would say they are Christian. Now I know that was only words. I met a girlfriend who told me about Jesus, and asked me, “If tonight for some reason you died, do you know where you are going?” That night for the first time I realised I didn’t know. Was the grave the end? Are Heaven and Hell real places? Could the universe have a Designer?


As a result, I started to go to church. It was strange at first, but in time it began to make sense. Jesus was God in the flesh!


And so, after a few years, the day came when I asked Jesus to save me and come into my life. From that time on life has been very different. I have known peace, love, freedom from what many others in the world call joys, and more importantly I have known forgiveness.


All I can say to you is, find out for yourself if what I say is true!"

Click here to watch Bryan tell his story.

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